Is usually called 'Ave' (hence, AveDesk) by his friends. He created AveDesk at the end of 2003, starting as a spin off from a small app to host ObjectDock docklets in Y'z Dock, and somehow the idea to put these little things on the desktop was a hit.

He currently lives in Rotterdam (Holland) and is in love with his lovely girlfriend Nadia. Next to jogging, Andreas also loves to play soccer —and gets heavily injured while doing so— and working out in the gym. Last year, he received his Bachelors degree from TUDelft and is now trying to complete his Masters degree on Computer Science; Something which might or might not happen too soon.

Andreas has a love of C++, but is also fluent in other programming languages, such as C#, Java, PHP, Delphi and mainly uses his pc for MSN Messenger nowadays. Currently, he's working at doing PHP programming.


aka PCM, created AveScripter as a contribution to AveDesk. He got his first computer at the age of 9, it was a C=64 (Commodore 64) and since then he's been hooked at playing/programming computers.

His first computer language was Basic and while he attended computer school, his favorite language became C. When Delphi 1 came out, it became his preferred language to do any windows programming. Currently interested in learning more on C#, PHP, Silverlight and C++. Current working projects are: work, house, and most importantly, being a father and a husband.


Got stuck with a nick years and years ago, so he is usually known as Dreadnaut. Not a top programmer himself, he likes to be around when there is any kind of scripting going on, be it javascript, php or a random new language. He produces lots of little things —programs, extensions, plugins, and skins— most of which totally useless, and hoards them on his website, chezDreadnaut, that somehow has also become a blog - not that he wanted to!

He is named here just because he had some spare time and put this pages together — his way to say “thank you!” to the two developers named above :-)